Alice and the Three Bears

Released December 1, 1924

7 minutes
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This short is unique as it takes place only in the cartoon world. It is possibly the first short in the Alice Comedies series to not have any of the story take place in the live-action world.

This short was very loosely based on “Goldielocks and the Three Bears”. The Three Bears are busy cooking when Baby Bear realizes his recipe requires hops. Naturally his first inclination is to go find some frogs to provide for him his hops, so he runs off and pursues a frog at the local pond. In the meantime Alice and her cat stumble upon the Three Bears’ house and sneak inside (Ma and Pa Bear are nowhere to be seen). Baby Bear returns and gets into a fight with the cat, and then calls in his parents to help out. The cat is defeated and the bears make off with Alice, who they throw in a sack and tie to a sawmill. When the cat revives, he calls in reinforcements: his nine lives, who take on the Three Bears and eventually lose. The cat gets another idea: he liquors up one of his nine lives, who is then able to take on all three bears at once. Pleased with himself, the cat hurries into the mill to rescue Alice, who proclaims him her hero.