Alice Gets Stung

Released February 1, 1925

8:30 minutes
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Julius the cat is chasing a rabbit. The rabbit escapes down one of a pair of holes, and teases the cat for a while; the cat finally catches the rabbit by leaving his face to watch one hole and his body at the other. The rabbit pleads for mercy: think of her poor children. Julius breaks down, and the rabbit laughs at him (after powdering her nose with her own tail). Julius chases the rabbit into her hole, where she grows larger and chases him out. Alice appears, carrying a rifle, and helps the cat by dragging over a fire hose and putting it down one hole, thus flushing out the rabbit. We then see several forest creatures playing instruments and dancing; most notably, two bears dance. Alice fires at one bear; she hits, then misses for a while, then hits again, but there is no lasting effect to the bear, which then chases them. Alice and her friends hide in a barrel under a beehive; the bear knocks the hive into the barrel. They try to escape in a lake without luck.