Alice Picks the Champ

Released July 30, 1925

7 minutes
Watch Alice Picks the Champ

Pete, the boxing champ, has set up camp in a local gym, and is offering $50 to anyone who can stay in the ring with him for five minutes. Alice and Julius visit Pete’s gym where he takes on all comers in the boxing ring. Julius, of course, gets into the ring with him. It’s mayhem in the house as Julius the cat squares off against a pugilistic bear while Alice looks on adoringly.

Alice sits outside while inside her cat Julius and Pete the bear go at it in a violent fight. The majority of the very short running time is given to the actual fight. But, as far as the fight goes, it’s a pretty good one. The animation is quite fast and has the cat and bear really going out it, which leads to a good joke when Pete’s head goes through the wall.

The majority of the live action is very small as Alice cheers on her beloved cat.